Archive for the ‘abercrombie online stores’ Category is one abercrombie store which has the high popularity on internet, it is said that the abercrombie hoodies is very good. Today, I have a testing about it,
the following is the test report.

Homepage:simple design,have no highlights
Layout: clearItems content: very simple introduction, inadequate
user experience: ordinary

about products :Currency: £ $ €
Items Category:sweater,polos,outware,tees,shorts,shirts,hoodies,pants,jeans,hat,jewellery
Payment method: Master Card,visa,amex,credit car

Advertisements is one excellent abercrombie store which have good rank in google very soon.In the home page, the flash banner pics is very attractive, what a pity is they occupy lage space, the rest for items is very small.

It provides a large assortment of AF products including Abercrombie Hoodies for men and women, Abercrombie Jeans as well as  Abercrombie Jackets available for both men and women, and they ship all the Abercrombie & Fitch items worldwide the cost of  shipping worldwide is only 5$. The last , the price of all items are higher than  other abercrombie store.Take abercrombie hoodies example, price high up to almost $90, and it is only $100 in abercrombie official website, sald $70 in other abercrombie store.But in a word, this store is really good, content is very rich, and provide good experience to customer, that is why it can get a good position in google.

Tens of thousands of abercrombie stores will be found when you google with abercrombie rerated words, such as abercrombie clothing, abercrombie outlet. How intense the competition of Abercrombie&Fitch market is. Every stores do the best effort to get good rank in google, but what a pity winners are always those who won at the first. why?

There is one common tips among the exllent abercrombie stores: good customers experience. Good customers experience is that this online store providing convenience and comfort as much as possible, cut the worry when shopping, make itself trusted. For example, I have find my favorites,  there is something wrong happen when I pay for it. A doubt will occure to me: whether the number in my cart has reduced but the provider say they receive nothing? Is there another mistaken besides this payment problem….. Thought too much will decline my disired about the items on this online store.

Abercrombie&Fitch outlet is hot, there is no doubt about it. Its culture and spirit do effection deeply on people. Most teenagers are aware of Abercrombie&Fitch as a well-respected teen fashion brand. It has been worn by trendy rap stars, and in the past, by the likes of Posh and Becks.

Now an extensive selection of super-fashion Abercrombie & Fitch apparel collection are provided at the most competitive prices. You can buy Abercrombie & Fitch mens and women’s Shirts, Polos, Sweaters, Vintage Fleeces, Rugged Outwears ……. a varity of Abercrombie&Fitch outlet in, you will have a good experience there. is one special online store, it is not display many product, just showed which is best sell—–abercrombie hoodies, very striking picture and words, that is the good guide for also provides  many catagories, almost include all items of abercrombie outlet.

But compare to other abercrombie stores, price of abercrombie clothes is a high, catching up abercrombie office online shop. The last, I don’t know why I cant pay for my favorite, maybe that is one mistaken of programmer,very big mistaken.

As is know to all that A&F was luxury brand, it is really expensive to common person, but its simple and casual beautiful style is attractive……Yeah, there are many A&F online stores, they provide the same abercrombie clothes but lower price. Enjoy luxury fashion with low price is good for most people, will be the good choice

abercrombie discount is the largest A&F online shop. It is impressed by the man in the home page. It means power and uninhibited. At the same time, it provides a huge variety of categories, that’s good for customers

Its substantial contents in the products page add the trust, that is the useful design. The most important is that the price is really low, as low as $38, save 50% from office website.

What a pity is that it just support two pay method: credit cards and PayPal. What is gratified is that it is free shipping.If you are abercrombie fans,dont miss this shop.

Abercrombie clothing is the big temptation to many manufacturer, especially in china. All online shore run around Google every day. Appearing in the first search result page is the common target. is that one which turn out frequently.

abercrombie store

I have to say that, the striking “free shipping” and “return policy” is reassuring, and the model pictures can show the culture of A&F, and show the payment method in every page, that was considerate. In items page, it shows the reviews from customs(may be written by employee), but it provide the guide of purchase……in a word, it offers the massage for customer as much as possible, customer can feel good when shopping there. the last, price is lower than other abercrombie online store.